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Dashzen brings all of your data together in one place and interprets that data into meaningful information. Bringing your data together in new ways can result in new insights, new ideas and better decisions.

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Whether you decide to make your dashboards private, unlisted but shared, or totally public, you will experience the karma that comes from increasing your knowledge. We’ve made it quick and simple to share.

Instant customization


As you prepare each gadget that appears on your dashboard, you can easily experiment with placement and sizing. Your Dashzen dashboards are completely configurable, giving you flexible options for presentation. many more!

Sometimes data enlightenment is meant to be shared. Dashzen public dashboards can be interesting, novel, or even controversial as topics can cover anything for which data exists. Everything from box office revenues and sports scores to politics and religion. Here's some examples:

Dashzen also offers private dashboards. These dashboards are viewable only by you. Optionally, you may generate a secret link that allows you to share them with others. Both types of dashboards include unlimited views & viewers, and they can refresh up to once every 15 minutes.